Eyelash extensions

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lash maintenance

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Lash Maintenance is recommended to keep your lashes looking fresh for as long as you wish to continue wearing eyelash extensions. We will tidy the extensions, removing any that may have come loose or grown down the natural lash and replace with new extensions. Lash maintenance can only be done if you still have eyelash extensions on. 

Lash Perfect Mink Lashes are of top quality; they provide a gentle lightweight lash that is comfortable to wear. These lashes are made from soft synthetic material and available in various thicknesses, lengths.


Express Lashes

Express Lashes is a quick technique where individual lashes are placed along the upper lash line to give you eyelash extensions in as little as 30 minutes. It is advised that you return within 2-3 weeks to have these removed to ensure no damage to your natural lash cycle.